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From Pylos, Greece With Love

The Pylian “Pristine” Difference

We are a small family maker that controls the oil from our trees in Greece all the way into our bottles. All of oil is labeled with its exact harvest and press date to ensure freshness. Harvested and pressed within 24 hours! The exact location of our trees and oil is also noted! Pylias, Greece on the southwestern tip of the Peloponnesian Peninsula in Greece’s premier olive growing region. Single varietal oil from the Koroneiki olive. Never blended with other oils.

Processed without heat or chemicals and unfiltered, our oil retains all of the natural polyphenols and anti-oxidants. The acidity is clearly stated. High quality oils should always be below .08 percent—we are .03%. We bottle in dark glass to protect the oil from direct light. We suggest you store it away from direct heat as well. Our bottles come with a re-sealable cork to keep air out in between uses. To prevent oxidization and rancidity. Flavor—Taste the Pristine Difference!!

Location, Location, Location

ON THE LEFT: Map Of Messinia- Where a majority of Greek Olive Oil is produced. (Notice Kalamata is synonymous with olive production.) Our home and trees are located between Pylos and Methoni along the sea!

ON THE RIGHT: Map Of Greece with the Peloponnese Peninsula in Yellow. Messinia is the state at the bottom left of the Peloponnese. Did you know Olive Oil has been produced in Greece for over 5,000 years?!?

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